Private Medical Attendants/Insurance Medical


Consultation may be required. A fee applies to Private Medical Attendants Report. We are happy to preform Pre-Employment Medicals, Private Medical Assessments, Insurance assessments etc. We are happy to preform any sporting, Garda and Army medicals as needed. Please contact us for further information. Drop in the form so we can establish what information is [...]

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Sick Certification/Letter


Sick Certs/Letters/Scripts are available on request after discussion with the doctor. Request Certifications

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Driving Medical


Drivers Licence Medical Form * GROUP 2 LICENCE AND OVER 70S MUST HAVE AN EYE TEST PRIOR TO COMPLETION OF THE MEDICAL.* This is our practice protocol. Please only attend if you have your Eye test if in either of these Groups.

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Medico-Legal reports are available on request. An in-person consultation is required prior to submission of Medico-Legal reports to ensure we have all the correct medical information.


Seasonal Vaccines


Flu Vaccine Flu and Pneumonia Vaccines are available free for those in certain categories in 2020. For more information link to:

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Maternity Services


Free under the maternity and Infant scheme Link to Link to Link to COOMBE registration file Link to Antenatal Info Document

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STI Screening


Check up with no symptoms Consultation with symptoms

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Womens Health Service


Contraceptive Consultation Tudent Contraception Consultation Implanon; Insertion or Removal Intrauterine Device (Mirena/Kyleena /Copper IUD) Pre Insertion Consultation Insertion or change (includes 6 week check up) Removal of Coil Cervical Check. Ensure you REGISTER WITH CERVICAL CHECK. Menopause Consultation Unplanned pregnancy support services are available on

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Blood Tests


We preform all routine blood tests. Any specialist blood can be discussed with us and we will try to arrange them. There may be additional charges depending on courier services and laboratory fees.

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