All children under eight living in Ireland are entitled to free care at their GP; it can only be availed of by those who have registered with the HSE and signed up with their practice.  Please note that the scheme applies until 8 years of age (0-7).

Register Online with the HSE here.

When you log in to register your child you will be asked to choose your doctor, please type in either Dr. Margaret McGloughlin or Dr. Molly MacLochlainn Row. Once you have completed your card registration form above, you will be notified by the HSE when you are registered for the scheme, hopefully within three or four days.

Children who have an under 6s card

You do not need to register for a new GP visit card if your child
–  is under 6 and has a GP visit card
–  was under 6 on 1 July 2023
Their old card will automatically be extended. They will have free GP care until they are 8.

What is covered by the Under 8 GP scheme?

All the normal acute medical care needs of your child under eight are covered, free of charge.

What is not covered by the under 8 GP scheme?

While the Under 8 GP scheme covers most routine needs of your child, it doesn’t stretch to a range of non-medical tasks that are often carried out by our practice.  While these can still be facilitated, they will incur a fee.

Items not covered, as suggested by the HSE, include:

–   travel vaccinations
–   paediatric phlebotomy
–   passport / identity reports / letters
–   créche reports
–   utilities reports / letters
–   insurance medicals / reports
–   school attendance notes / certificates
–   sports medicals / reports
–   letters in support of applications for services under the Social Welfare Acts (housing, clothing etc).

***Please note – your child must have a valid under 8s card to avail of free GP care, otherwise a fee will apply***