Use of Medical Information in Practice Audit.

This practice is involved in ongoing quality improvement/audits.  Your data may be included but you can opt out of this.

Information about you and your medical treatment may be recorded either on paper or in computer files in this practice.  Access to this data is restricted to employees of this practice providing your care.  This information is needed to give you the best possible health care.

Your data may also be used for quality improvement/audit purposes to help us ensure we are reaching acceptable standards and following care guidelines.

No identifiable data is ever extracted from our systems for such quality improvement activity or shared with third parties.  Only retrospective, anonymous data is used for this purpose – this means data for a specific period in the past, which can not identify you, is included in any audit.

You can say in how this practice uses information about you.  If you do not wish to contribute your information to audit/quality improvement, please notify a member of staff or Dr Molly Mac Lochlainn Row.  If you choose not to contribute your information, this will NOT affect your treatment in any way.

You also have a right to access to your health records.  If at any time you would like to know more or have any concerns about how we use your information you can speak to Dr Margaret McGloughlin or Dr Molly Mac Lochlainn Row.


Thank you,

Dr Margaret McGloughlin & Dr Molly Mac Lochlainn Row